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Interview for Clash

Interview for Clash

Gary Powell Interview – Life beyond the Libertines Read full


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Mario Nardi. This Music Is Organic. Release date and track listing

With the release date of his debut Ep just a week away. Mario Nardi has given us a sneak preview of the track listing for “This Music Is Organic”.
The Ep, written by Mario and produced by Brendan Picchio, will highlight the prodigious talents of the singer songwriter

1) IdranOiram
2) A Sea of Fish
3) The Stranger Revenge
4) The Prophet
5) IdranOcram

Mario NardiThis Music Is Organic Ep is released on 22nd October 2012 on 25 Hour Convenience Store.
Available from Itunes and all quality digital vendors.

The Exiles live footage @ The Garage London

Check out the footage we have from the recent 25 Hour Convenience Store night at The Garage in Islington. Featuring The Exiles in action, who were excellent on the night and a must see band for lovers of quality Indie music.
Don’t forget our next big 25 Hour night out on the 18th of May in conjunction with The Noise Kittens. Details to follow.

Plastic Youth.- Death Row. Next up at the 25 Hour Convenience Store.

25 Hour Convenience Store are set to release the debut single for a fantastic band hailing from Southend in Essex.
Plastic Youth have been in existence for just over a year now, and recorded their debut offering’s “Death Row” and “Animal Style” during 2011. Produced by Nick McCabe (Verve and Black Ships guitarist), who the band describe as “a Fucking genius”, and claim “it just feels right working with him. He really understands us.”
The double AA sided single will be available on limited edition 7” inch vinyl from April 16th 2012, and is set to be released digitally on the 23rd April through 25 Hour Convenience Store. ‘Death Row‘ describes the current breakdown in society, and the problem of youth fighting youth, when “we should be fighting the oppressive government and the banks”.
The band say they “write political and ambiguous songs, not love songs about losing your pony to aids or hair rock anthems about going down in a lift, we write songs about how we feel and what affects us and our friends and family”
The promo video for the single was written and directed by Irvine Welsh collaborators Dean Cavanagh and Bob Morris, who have made promotional videos for Keane, and Gene as well as all of Irvine’s TV productions, Wedding Belles, Dose & Good Arrows.
Interestingly enough the band are related to Higgs/Bosen element scientists Dr Higgs who laid the basis of the Big Bang Theory.
James Higgs of the band comments “There’s limited choice, around where we live, Southend is a very jealous town and has a solitary, island mentality. Our local radio station is around the corner from where I live, the so called trendy DJ with his jeans below his arse won’t play our music, but XFM and NME will, how does that work? ”

On hearing the bands demo, long time friend of 25 Hour and fan of Plastic Youth. Alan McGee tweeted ‘I hope this is the first nail in the coffin for Mumford and Sons.’
Video producer Dean Cavanagh – “This band are really gonna crack it they remind of a lot of bands from when I was growing up, but still sound fresh, and they are really top lads”

Here we have the video for “Death Row” music with a conscience…Enjoy!

Death Row” and “Animal style” by Plastic Youth are set to be released on the 16th April (Vinyl) and 23rd April (Digital) on 25 Hour Convenience Store. For more information on the band and their upcoming live dates click here.

25 Mean Hours..Great night, Great Bands

25 Hour Convenience Store would like to thank all the bands that performed at “25 Mean Hours” at The Garage in Islington on Friday night. Those that came down saw some great performances from The Exiles,The I.D. and The Filthy Habits,as well as The Noise Kittens tearing things up on the decks. Gary Powell also took to the stage to give a short speech about the ethos and aims of 25 Hour.
Keep an eye on the site for the date and line ups for the next “25 Mean Hours”, with more great bands and dj’s.